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Our team of consultants bring 100’s of years of experience in ESG.

As the world and investors in particular react to sustainability – climate, social and cultural changes, the funds industry must embrace the ESG taxonomy.

By now, we all know that it is not an option to ignore ESG or to greenwash financial products. Doing so can be financially and financially and reputationally disastrous.

A safe pair of hands | A fresh pair of eyes:
While for many in the funds sector, ESG is new and worrying, for decades, Merlys consultants have been advising on what is today called ESG.

Our in depth experience provides you with a safe pair of hands in navigating this complex area of regulation as well as a fresh pair of eyes to review what you are doing or planning to do and ensuring you get it right.

What we can do for you in this rapidly evolving field:

  • explain the taxonomy and its implications
  • explain Sustainable Finance disclosures (SFDR)
  • ensure your documents do not greenwash
  • as you refresh your products, undertake Gap Analysis 
  • work with you to update your policies and procedures to include ESG best practice

We’ll explore your wants, needs or concerns around all aspects of E, S and G. 

We operate as a check-point and and advisory resource – ensuring what you are doing is right; that you are reporting correctly and avoiding greenwashing. 

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