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A non-EEA client sought our advice on establishing a UK regulated fund.  The client has considerable expertise as a regulated wealth advisor and fund manager in their home jurisdiction.  The client saw opportunities in the UK but was uncertain where to set up a fund. 

The initial brief was to provide a comparison between the regulatory environments in the UK, Dublin and Luxembourg.  That work developed into a request for advice on the strategic considerations of whether to establish a separate new UK fund or to look to obtain recognition for an existing non-EEA fund.  Our work involved assessing target clients, target operating models, the medium to long term strategic objectives of the client and the seeking on a no names basis the views of the regulator in their home jurisdiction to this diversification of the client’s business.   Ultimately the client determined that the UK was the appropriate environment and we assisted them in achieving FCA recognition for a UK-specific sub-fund of their leading non-EEA fund.

Author: Verena Charvet MBA, Solicitor and Senior Partner at Merlys
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