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3 Measurable Benefits: Productivity, Cost Saving, Morale Booster…gained by turning the people gap/project-lag challenge on its head

10 May 2022

If you’re like others in the sector, your regulatory projects are lagging behind schedule because your team is already over-stretched and/or you can’t find (hire) the appropriately experienced people.

?Here’s an idea…

What if your business’s urgent tasks or complex projects could be swiftly completed even though you are currently understaffed with overstretched teams?

What if these tasks or projects could be delivered by experts who are cheaper and faster than you might predict?

What if you could turn your recruitment challenge into measurable BENEFITS that SAVE MONEY, BOOST TEAM MORALE and INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY?

?You can… and it’s simple: You apply a Merlys sector-specialist consultant resource who hits the ground running and deals with the immediate issue you face.

Here is how it works for you:

Challenge: Recruiting the right people that fit the team is critical but takes time. Opportunity: Without managing to hire enough people in all the right roles, it’s possible that you are sitting on an unspent headcount budget. Solution: Re-purpose that headcount budget and buy-in the expertise that you need for a specific project, task or transaction. This simple solution will provide the following benefits:


  • Maximise transactional delivery – Use on-tap resources to manage the intricate elements of large and complex transactions, and free-up your senior legal members to focus on swifter delivery of smaller profitable transactions.
  • Meet both BAU and project obligations – In the face of a growing burden of increased workload, bring in someone to manage elements of BAU tasks while the team focus on time-sensitive project deliverables.
  • Only pay for resources when they are needed – Increase productivity, but protect FTE budget while the recruitment drive can continue in the background.
  • Negotiate a reduced rate for repetitive work – By tackling some issues in one area of your business, you may likely find that this uncovers similar issues in several other areas of your business. These can be resolved quickly at a reduced rate because the leg-work has already been done.
  • Inject a positive boost to the team environment – Create a working environment to which new people are attracted, because you have a happy and productive team.
  • Retain the talent you have – As people contemplate their career path following bonus time, don’t allow low morale to be a reason for talent to leave your team.

Celebrate the Big Picture Wins…

  • Buy yourself time – Your current staff are likely overworked while you are trying to fill gaps in the team, but recruitment takes time. Specific resources brought in to deliver against specific tasks can relieve the burden on already stressed employees and provide you with time to hire new talent.
  • Meet specific regulatory and compliance deadlines on the near horizon.
  • Develop in-house capability – Enhance the expertise you already have in-house either via osmosis or specific training.
  • Access best practice knowledge by working with other organisations who have decades of experience in your industry.

It starts with a conversation…

Merlys is a team of experienced specialists comprising dedicated funds-sector consultants who are experts in all things REGULATORY, ESG, ID&C, and GOVERNANCE.

We are all senior in our chosen fields and a big plus is you get the expert not the junior when you work with us.

What makes Merlys stand out from the crowd of consultancies is our in-depth commercial experience gained from decades of working in private practice and in-house, both on the legal and business sides of banks and asset managers.

Our consultants have industry expertise to assist in:

  • Large complex transactional deals or projects including due diligence on targets
  • BAU issues like management of detailed document revisions
  • Implementation of specific elements of new regulations
  • Designing and guiding cultural and organisation change
  • Governance reviews
  • Regulatory and / or legal gap analysis and recommendation of solutions
  • Implementation of specific project deliverables including working on individual phases rather than entire project proposals.

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Verena Charvet MBA,
Managing Director at Merlys Consulting

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